Brampton is at an interesting cross-roads. The sitting provincial government has flexed it might against Ontario’s own capital city. One wonders what is in store for Brampton under the current leadership.  One wonders if Brampton ought to furl our sails until a more gentle wind blows across the bow.

Brampton has needs and wants.  Steady leadership is needed to communicate those needs to a Conservative Queen’s Park that will want to understand the business case behind our requests for support and funding. The long game is achieving success for our City in health care, policing, education, housing, and transportation.

We are not at War with the Province.  We are partners at the same table.  Getting to Yes is about aligning the stakeholders’ priorities in such a way that all partners can achieve their goals, both the Province and the City of Brampton. By positioning our goals in alignment with the Province’s goals of lean, efficient government, there is no reason to think we need to start a War to advance our agenda.

As a lawyer, I’ve been representing clients for 15 years in all sorts of negotiations. Be it wrongful dismissal lawsuits, insurance claims for dog bites, or settling the terms of business mergers, I’ve always been able to find the path to positive and mutually beneficial negotiated outcomes. As Mayor, with all of Brampton as my proverbial client, I look forward to finding more such outcomes on our major portfolios.