On why I chose not to buy Lawn Signs

It’s true. I did not buy lawn signs. Here’s why.

I chose, early on my campaign, that I wanted to run a different kind of campaign.

First and foremost, I decided to run a friendly and clean campaign. I was going to focus on ideas and proposals, real policy initiatives that I believed would improve Brampton and help bring relief to every day residents.

Second, I decided to run a cost-effective campaign. I was going to focus on effective engagement strategies that did not require a lot of money to be spent. My website is a free wordpress site. My phone is a virtual IP Phone number. My email address is a free Microsoft Outlook address. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course meeting people in person, are all free to inexpensive ways of communicating my message. When I hosted meet and greet fireside chats, I did them at venues that agreed to give me table space but not force me to order a minimum amount of food or beverages. I attended events with no cover charge or admission prices. I conducted Wes Walks, which are free other than the wear and tear on my shoes.

To date, I have kept my spending under $2,500 more or less. I have really limited the use of paper and plastic to business cards and a small batch of flyers. I have avoided Mail out cards or door hangers, and yes, I chose not to order lawn signs. I just couldn’t justify spending $3 to $6 on a piece of plastic that would sit on a lawn for 25 days just to end up in the landfill or recycling plant. It would have cost me more money than I have already spent if I wanted to order enough signs to make a difference.

It is definitely a radical approach, as I appreciate that most people have come to expect to see those things. Having said all of that, hopefully I have had an enough of an impact on people that it won’t bite me the behind on election day, October 22nd.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask me for a Lawn Sign.


(Authors Note: If you like, I can supply you with a full size & full color flyer that you can display in your front window. Those only cost about $0.10 and can be recycled very easily.)