What proportionate funding should look like

Back in March, the Province and the Feds announced new transit funding, $20.1 billion for public transit. If those funds were distributed per capita, as in based on the population of a city, what would it look like?

Population of Brampton: 593,638
Population of Mississauga: 713,443
Ratio: 0.83207488194 to 1
Transit Funding to Brampton: $349,740,113
Transit Funding to Mississauga: $618,672,709
Ratio: 0.5653071614639462 to 1

Transit funding is only one of a number of portfolios where Brampton is not being treated proportionally.

Advocating for fair treatment requires a long term strategy of advocacy, starting with developing a working relationship with our local MP’s and MPP’s. Interfacing with our elected representatives, the Board of Trade and other business associations, and organizations like CFIB, will be a key priority for me to unlock progress on Tranist, Health Care, Policing and other areas that are effectively joint projects of the City working with other levels of government.

City Hall certainly has the space and resources to strike up a regular Joint Session with representatives of all stakeholders to meet on a regular basis to discuss Brampton’s needs and the best way to address them moving forward.  As Mayor, I will ensure that Brampton invests in positivie and productive outreach, communication and networking measures to keep the City moving forward, without fear of being left out of the discussion on any other important portfolios.